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Broad Definitions of Christians and Christianity PDF Print E-mail
Written by Harold Fink Christian Locksmith   
Sunday, 14 February 2010 19:14

Christians and Christianity


What is a Christian?

A follower of Jesus Christ.

What is Christianity?

A religion based upon the teachings and miracles of Jesus Christ.

How many different forms of Christianity are there?

It is estimated there are over 30,000 forms of Christianity, or denominations, worldwide.

How many Christians are there worldwide?

It is estimated that today there are over 2 billion Christians worldwide, which represents roughly one third of the world's population.

How many churches and congregations practice Christianity?

It is estimated there are over 3.5 million congregations and churches practicing Christianity worldwide. If the number of Christians worldwide is indeed at least 2 billion, and the number of churches is about 3.5 million, then the average size of congregation of all these churches would be just over 570 members each. Recent trends in numbers of Christians worldwide include an estimated 100 million Christians in China alone, where in the 1960's there were believed to be only 5,000 Christians in all of China. In South Korea, there are churches that reportedly have tens of thousands of members each, and one church where over 800 thousand members meet each Sunday in several sittings

Estimates obtained from the World Christian Encyclopedia.

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