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Harold Fink III

Hi, I'm Harold Fink III. I live in Church Hill, Maryland with my Mommy, Daddy and my brother Bobby.

I go to Church Hill Elementary School. I am in kindergarten. My teacher is Mrs. Forte. She is nice.

I like trains. Someday, I would like to be an engineer. Daddy helps me set up our trains. We have big trains, little trains, small trains and really big trains. Some of my trains are made of wood, like Thomas. Some of my big trains are made of metal, like the Polar Express. The Polar Express pulls several coaches, just like in the movie. We have a big Christmas train that we put up only for Christmas season. My brother Bobby is learning how to run that train now.

I like to paint, draw, and play with my brother, Bobby. I am learning to share.

My Daddy is a locksmith. My Mommy works hard planting trees when there isn't a lot of snow  on the ground. I like to mow with my grass cutter and help Mommy and Daddy trim the trees.